Need-le Little Help Learning to Knit?

Cats aren’t the only ones who can be entertained for hours by a simple ball of yarn. A little shop in downtown Des Moines is weaving together their love of vintage, knitting and all things cats.

Hill Vintage and Knits is an eclectic and modern resale clothing and yarn shop located in East Village.

The walls are covered in cat paraphernalia, retro sweaters take refuge on the racks and colorful clusters of yarn line each wall.

Owners Jessica and Erica opened their shop to sell vintage clothing, handmade jewelry and knitting accessories.

They believe in the importance of recycling materials and using your hands to create beautiful products.

The shop also offers an array of knitting classes and groups, including their Knitting at the Hill club on every other Saturday morning for anyone interested in getting together to knit after the busy week.

The purpose of these classes and groups are to bring together people who love to knit and need to find time to smile in their hectic life.

Their fall course schedule has just opened and they have knitting classes ranging from beginner to expert level. To learn more about the shop or the classes available visit their website as

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