Get into the Swing of it

Under twinkling lights and a disco ball dancers are transported back in time to the vintage era of swing. Step into Swing is located in the Des Moines Ballroom and works to share their love of vintage swing dancing with the community.

Every Thursday night from 8-10pm Step into Swing opens their doors to people of all ages and abilities for a Thursday Night Swing Social at the Des Moines Ballroom. The event costs $3, but involves a lesson beforehand and can be a great way to meet people in the community.

Owners Larry and Rae Mullica love the swing dancing culture and have created an environment where everyone is welcome to have a good time, regardless of their abilities.

Step into Swing welcomes a wide array of swing dancing styles, although some of the most popular ones are Lindy Hop and East Coast.

Step in Swing is always looking for more people to get involved and have a good time. There are weekly classes so it isn’t difficult for students to get into the swing of things and enjoy themselves. To learn more about their Thursday Night Swing Social or future events, visit their website at

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